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BR KLASSIK: The interrogation – Salzburg Festival 2019 special – Teaser (Pape, Maltman, Rebeka)

A bone-idle ballerina - Marina Rebeka; Delayed puberty Insta teenies - Christopher Maltman, Audrey Saint-Gil; and a rubber duck thief - Rene Pape

The interrogation – Salzburg Festival 2019 special

16. August 2019


Classical music inspector Clemens Nicol was interrupted during his summer holiday, just to help out his Salzburg colleagues, with some of the worst cases in classical music. 

The interrogation is our monthly “SWEET SPOT” for classical musicians. Everything you say or have said will be turned against you. There is no right for silence. And this is not an interview. It’s the interrogation. 

Full BR Klassik TV Interview