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La bohème / The Metropolitan Opera

Marina Rebeka is just coming off a bravura performance in La Traviata, and her fierce Musetta again showed her to be a formidable artist with real star potential ...

Her “Quando m’en vo” was among the best renditions heard at the house in recent years. Easily filling the stage with her presence, she sang with a lavish silken tone and sensitive, twisting phrasing.

Latin Post, David Salazar
Marina Rebeka recently reminded Met audiences about her greatness in her captivating “La Traviata.” She did that yet again as Musetta, albeit in different fashion. Musetta is a crowd pleaser and scene stealer and Rebeka reveled in this task. Her voice, with its brightness and strength, really shone above the rest during the big Act 2 ensemble and there was tremendous flexibility and suavity in her “Quando m’en vo.” She embraced Musetta’s intense sexuality, flirting with everyone on stage and then violently embracing Marcello in their moment of reunion.

Rebeka expressed the intimate Musetta beautifully, encapsulating a riveting character arc and making Boheme not only the story of Rodolfo and Mimi, but also Marcello and Musetta. As noted, the final moments in Rebeka and Kwiecien came to terms with one another really gave a beautiful emotional closure and contrast to the two stories.