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Maria Stuarda / Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

A wonderful discovery, his bright and clear sound surrounds the theater and she comes to the final prayer, in despair ...

… her voice is still soft and fresh as in the beginning “Oh nube! Che lieve per l’aria ti aggiri”, with precise coloratura, the infinitely acute notes and wise use of dynamics.”

{Una scoperta meravigliosa, il suo timbro squillante e chiaro avvolge il teatro e, giunta alla preghiera finale, in preda alla disperazione, la sua voce è ancora morbida e fresca come all’inizio in “Oh nube! Che lieve per l’aria ti aggiri”, con le colorature precise, questi acuti infiniti e un sapientissimo uso delle dinamiche.}

Nel fiero anelito

“As her queenly rival, Marina Rebeka, who was making her role debut as Maria in this production, made a more imposing and consistently beautiful sound in both florid singing and slow cantilenas and interpolated a number of unwritten high notes for extra effect. The audience responded enthusiastically …”

Stephen Hastings – Opera News

“In the title role, Marina Rebaka literally radiates through her unfailing commitment and, above all, a vocabulary as mastered as it is seductive. The flesh of the timbre and the correctness of the style shape an embodiment that the ear can not resist. The aura that is already beginning to emerge around the Latvian soprano has not only been confirmed, it can now be included in the throat hunters’ repertoire.”

{Dans le rôle-titre, Marina Rebaka irradie littéralement par son engagement sans faille et, surtout, une vocalité aussi maîtrisée que séduisante. La chair du timbre et la justesse du style façonnent une incarnation à laquelle ne peut résister l’oreille. L’aura qui commence déjà à se dessiner autour de la soprano lettone ne pourra que se confirmer, et elle peut désormais figurer dans le répertoire des chasseurs de gosiers.}

Gilles Charlassier –

“The main protagonists – Elisabetta (Carmela Remigio) and Maria Stuarda (Marina Rebeka) both carried the weight of the royal destiny with grace …

Marina Rebeka has grown into the role compared with her debut in January, her emotions are better controlled, and the tone is warm but crystalline and crisp, her top notes clear and ringing without a hint of metal. The role suits Marina well, she carries both dramatic and vocal demands of it confidently. Looking forward to her next roles in pursuing more dramatic repertoire impatiently! Her concert version of Norma will be performed in Riga in April.”