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Opera “Otello” by Verdi in Spanish cinemas!

Watch the opera “Otello” with Marina Rebeka in cinemas all over Spain!

A story of love, revenge and betrayal.

Otello, Governor of Cyprus and Venetian General and Desdemona are a happy couple. A malicious soldier in Otello’s guard, Iago, is bitter that Otello has made Cassio his lieutenant instead of him. Iago decides to set up a plan to make Otello think that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio. Otello is a story of love, revenge and betrayal based on Shakespeare’s Othello, and is Verdi’s penultimate play. It had a great triumph during its premiere in Milan in 1887.

With Fabio Sartori, Marina Rebeka, Luca Salsi

Musical director: Zubin Mehta

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